NGA Raster Roam

NGA Raster Roam

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To see the extents of each Product visit the following pages
ONC 1:1M Legend
TPC 1:500K Legend
DOI 10M Legend
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VMAP Level 0 Legend
VMAP Level 1 Legend

Navigate using:

Click on Image Geonames Query Starting Center Point

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Geonames Query                 Help

Navigate to the desired point by using a geographic name.

Geonames City / U.S. feature Name

For a city / feature you must also select a country.

Non-US Geonames Feature Type
Note: For Non-U.S. only.
(e.g. PPL)

US Geonames Feature Type
Note: For U.S. only.

Geonames Country or U.S. State / Territory Name

Note: The U.S. States / Territories are listed at the bottom of the Country list.

Starting Center Point                   Help

Using Decimal Degrees, Degrees Minutes and Seconds, UTM, or MGRS.

Decimal Degrees
(e.g. 38.0)
(e.g. -101.0)
Note: To enter "0" (zero) as a latitude or longitude
value use "-0" (minus zero) or "0." (zero period).
Degrees Minutes Seconds
Latitude      ' " N/S
(e.g.  38       00        00.000        N )
Longitude      ' " E/W
(e.g. 101       00        00.000       W)
Decimal Degrees Minutes Seconds
(e.g.  380000.00N )
(e.g. 1010000.00W)
(e.g. 324396.63)
(e.g. 4207702.37)
(e.g. 14N)
(e.g. 14SLH2439707702)

Point of Contact:   NGA Raster Roam
NGA Enterprise Service Center
Commercial: 1-800-455-0899
DSN 547-5555
Secure: 578-5555

Last updated on 14 January 2005